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Ikenobo and the Rokkakudo Temple

The Rokkakudo Temple is located southeast of the intersection of Karasuma and Sanjo streets in central Kyoto, and is formally known as Shiunzan Chohoji. The name rokkaku refers to the hexagonal shape of the temple (do). The Rokkakudo was founded by Prince Shotoku to enshrine Nyoirin Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. Near a pond (ike) where Prince Shotoku bathed, the small hut (bo) of succeeding generations of Buddhist priests gave rise to the name Ikenobo. The Rokkakudo is the site of the birth and development of ikebana. The custom of appreciating flowers in a vase probably dates back almost to the birth of the human race. Involved in this custom is the human characteristic of loving and adoring the beautiful. In this regard, there is no difference between East and West. In Japan, however, arranging flowers has been carefully considered as the art form and, indeed, way of life called kado (ka, flower; do, way or path). 

IIkenobo Ikebana is the Pinnacle of Sophistication, Elegance, Style and Taste.

Ikenobo Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging.  The origins of Ikebana and Ikenobo date back over 550 years and are deeply entwined with the artistic history of Japan. Ikenobo is the original and largest Ikebana school with over two million members.  The headquarters of Ikenobo remains at the place of its founding, the Rokkakudo Temple in Kyoto, Japan.  The temple is well known as the Eighteenth Secret Site of the Buddhist Pilgrimage in Western Japan.  From the beginnng, the spirit of Ikenobo Ikebana has come down to us through a continuous generational line of Headmasters. 

The Ikenobo Ikebana Society of American was founded in July 1970 by Sen’ei Ikenobo, 45th Headmaster.  The vision of Ikenobo is to stay true to the past and to keep growing to advance into the future.  At Ikenobo we learn the arranging secrets from ancient times and apply those precepts to our contemporary flower designs.   For sophistication and elegance no one can match Ikenobo. 

Ikenobo is Dynamic !  While Ikenobo can represent some of the purest forms of traditional Japanese flower arranging, Sen’ei Ikenobo has also expanded Ikenobo into the 21st Century by transmuting traditional principals embodied by Ikenobo into State-of-the–art fresh floral compositions far beyond the abilities of any other school.  Ikenobo’s new styles, collectively called “Shimputai”, now transcend the ordinary world of flower arranging and propel the designer into the Post-Modern world of cutting-edge floral interpretation.   We invite you to become a part of this profound artistic movement and join Ikenobo Colorado..

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Colorado Chapter Pine Contribution for the Exhibition at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, 550th Anniversary Celebration USA
Boulder, CO
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Rokkakudo Temple

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Special Teachers Workshop New Freestyle Curriculum and
Rikka Shimputai with Professor Sasaki from
the Ikenobo Institute Kyoto, Japan
New York, June 2014
Visiting Professor Ebihara From
the Ikenobo Institute Kyoto, Japan
Workshop in Denver
May 2014
Director N. Kurashige, Senior Professor Sasaki and the Fantastic Emiko Suzuki
Senior Professor Sasaki  Rikka  Shimputai
and Freestyle Jiyuka

Ikenobo Grand Exhibition
Mother's Day Weekend
Boulder Main Library, Canyon Gallery
Saturday, May 9th 10 AM to 6PM
Sunday, May 10th  12 PM to 5 PM
Demontration Sunday 2:30 PM
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Headmaster Visit
and Special Teachers Workshop
San Diego, October 2014
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Headmaster
Headmaster Rikka Shimputai
Professor Noda Rikka Shimputai
Headmaster Arrangement
Headmaster Arrangement
Headmaster Arrangement
Headmaster Arrangement
Headmaster Arrangements Rikka Shimputai and Rikka Shofutai with the same materials
Professor Noda Rikka Shimputai Lecture